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What is Carma and why are we building it?
We at Carma are on a mission to make building Web3 communities easier.
The current community management experience is broken both on the side of the project and on the side of the community member. As a project, I want find new community members, understand where my growth is coming from, reward engagement in an automated data-driven way, and communicate directly with certain segments of my project. As a community member, I want to find new projects that align with my interests, get rewarded fairly for joining and helping build the project, stay up to date on the project and learn how to get involved.
On top of this, every project's community is spread across multiple platforms (Discord, Twitter, Telegram, On-chain, the list goes on..) making it difficult for projects to effectively drive engagement across all platforms while rewarding fairly and driving intense loyalty with their brand. As new projects continue to flood into the Web3 space, building true loyalty and engagement is growing ever more important.
Let's just say the current community management experience is not scalable if you want to truly bring the beauty of Web3 decentralization to the masses. Until now. Carma is changing this by providing tools to make community management truly scalable. We take our experience from building the top Web2 CRM and Community SaaS platforms to bring you the first Web3-native community management growth platform.
Carma is an all-in-one Web3-native community growth platform that helps projects grow, analyze, engage, and reward their community members in an easy way that makes community management more... well... manageable.
With Carma, you can integrate with all the platforms where your community currently lives, and view your community members across all platforms in a single place. Use Carma's dashboards to view how engagement is trending and which community members are most engaged. Identify where your growth is coming from and what marketing efforts are actually working so you know where to focus your energy. Use Carma's suite of tools to define a set of criteria that you want to reward and Carma will automatically send those rewards and notify them to drive even more loyalty.
Finally Web3 has a solution to making community building easier. Get started with Carma today!


Onboarding onto Carma's platform only takes four simple steps:

Get Started

Use our getting started guide to quickly get set up and using Carma. Would you rather watch a video? Watch our product demo video here.


Use our product pages to find more detail about what Carma offers and how to use the full functionality of the platform:
Good to know: Carma is still in beta and may have a few bugs as we continue to improve the platform and add new features. We were very intentional about having our platform be open for sign-ups on day 1 rather than launch with a private beta since we know how much projects need these tools today. Have some ideas? Want to get involved? We are eager to hear what you think! Reach out on Twitter or use this Contact Us page!

Case Studies

See use cases of how projects are using our platform to get a better idea for what you can do on Carma:

Thank You

Thank you to all our customers and partners for all your support! We look forward to continuing to build with you. Thank you to all the infrastructure players that make this possible: Powered by APIs, OpenSea APIs, Flipside Crypto SDK, Discord APIs, and Twitter APIs.
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