Searching a Discord message

Search for any Discord message using Carma

Carma’s mission is to give project’s easier access to data about their community to make informed decisions and improve community management processes. If you navigate to the “Data Lookup” tab on the side menu, you will see different tools for searching data on social platforms and finding members.

If you click on search a Discord message for example, you can enter the Discord message link and hit “Go”. You can find a Discord message link by right clicking any message in Discord and clicking “Copy Message Link”. Note you can only search messages that exist in the server that you integrated with Carma.

You will see a list of everyone who has reacted to that message, what time they reacted, and with what emoji. You can use the “Download” button to download this data as a csv. We also offer the ability to search Discord roles, Twitter messages, and Twitter accounts.

Carma has an immense amount of functionality to pull different data requests. If you have specific data requests or would like a custom report, please reach out to for those requests.

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