Creating your first onboarding form

Carma’s onboarding forms are a single website page that allows your community members to verify their identities. You can customize this website page to include your branding elements such as profile picture, social media links, and banner image. You can also customize which identities you want your community members to verify (Discord, Twitter, Wallet, Telegram, Email, etc.). Your community members will be required to OAuth login to these platforms via the Carma onboarding form so that we can verify their true identities. Once complete, these verified identities will be saved.

See below for an example of the onboarding form:

To create your first onboarding form, navigate to the “Onboarding Forms” tab in the side menu. Click the “New Onboarding Form” button. Start by filling out your “Profile / Brand” information including Name, Bio, and Profile/Banner images.

The “Links” sections allow you to include any of your social media links or links to your project’s website for users to join your project after filling out the onboarding form. The “Onboard” section is where you will customize your identity verification settings such as enabling or disabling certain platform verifications, making certain platforms required, or even adding custom questions to help segment those community members. Use the “Copy Link” button to copy and share the link to your onboarding form.

As community members fill out the onboarding form, their entries will be saved. Community members can fill out the onboarding form as many times as they want. If a community member wants to edit the identity they have linked in your community, they can easily fill out the onboarding form again with their other identity and the system will save their new identity link.

You can view the form entries at any time by clicking the “Results” button. You can download the results as csv by clicking the “Download” button. These entries will automatically sync with the Members table, so you can always refer to the Members table to see a member’s full profile with all of their linked identities.

You can use any onboarding form you create to set up automations (see Creating a loyalty program). For example, if you want to assign members the Discord role of “Carma verified” automatically after they fill out the onboarding form, create this rule under the “Loyalty Automations” tab to have this role assignment happen automatically.

You can edit or delete Onboarding Forms by clicking on the three dots to expand the options menu.

You can create multiple onboarding forms with different links to see which campaign is driving the most sign-ups to your project. Use this feature to optimize your marketing campaigns.

  • Identities are never shared with other members of the community

  • Identities are never shared with other projects

  • Members can always email to access, modify, or delete any of their identities in the Carma system in accordance with our privacy policy

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