Creating a custom form

Custom Forms is a tool that allows you to engage with your community by sending them a survey or asking questions. It also allows you to engage with specific segments of your community if you want by adding in gating functionality. Within Carma, gating is not specific to wallet holdings but rather any identity information such as Discord activity / roles, Twitter follower / likes, and more.

Most communities use Custom Forms as a way to automate activities that used to be done with individual tickets - for example collecting wallet information from people who hold a specific role, or automatically collecting a list of Discord handles of people who are experiencing a bug. It can also be used to generate allowlists, run surveys, or create a community store where users can spend loyalty points (see Creating a loyalty program).

Click the “Create Custom Form” button and go through the creation flow. Start by filling out options such as Title, Project name & bio, and profile / banner images. Then fill out the gating criteria. Note, you must have the platform integrated into your Carma account to be able to create gating criteria using that platform.

On the next page, create your custom set of questions to ask the community members that meet the criteria. You can edit the question, description, and type (multiple choice, short answer, long answer). You can even make specific questions required to submit the form. Add as many questions as you like. On the last page, enter the start and end date as well as settings such as visibility and multiple submissions. Confirm you want to publish this form to finish the process.

You will be taken back to the Custom Forms list page where you will see all of your forms. Click on each form to see more information about them such as the share link, start date, end date, and information about who has filled out the form. You can always enable / disable, edit, or delete your form at any time. Use the three dots to expand the option menu. Once the form’s end date has been reached, the form will expire and members will no longer be able to access it. You can always edit this date or other settings by clicking the edit button.

As members fill out the form, you will be able to see their responses, as well as their identity information (wallet, twitter handle, discord handle) in the responses section. You can use the “Download” button to download all the responses as a csv.

Even if you do not want to gate on a specific platform, you can always include that platform as part of the login to be able to collect that information from each user who fills out the form. You would add this by setting the criteria so that anyone would meet the criteria (e.g., sent 0 or more messages on Discord).

The custom form saves the identity information of people who login to fill out the form. For example if you use Discord login to verify they hold a role, no need to ask for their Discord handle since this will automatically be saved via the Discord login feature.

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