Adding team members

You can always add team members to your Carma account. Navigate to the settings page using the settings icon at the top of your account screen.

Click “Invite Team Member” and go through the steps. You can assign different permissions to those team members which ranges from Viewer to Manager to Admin. Once that team member logs in with their Discord account, they will automatically see the project in their Carma account. You can always change the team member permissions or delete a team member from the Settings page.

Note: Make sure you enter someone’s Discord ID rather than Discord handle. To find their Discord ID, go to Discord Settings > Advanced Settings > turn on Developer Mode. Right click on any member in Discord and click “Copy ID” to copy their Discord ID. Paste that ID number when inviting a team member. This is a safety feature of Carma since Discord ID’s are unique and unchangeable, whereas Discord handles can be changed.

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