Setting up integrations

The first step in setting up your project is to integrate with your community channels.

Click the “Connect” button to start the integration flow. The Discord integration consists of downloading the Carma Discord bot. The Twitter and Ethereum integrations consist of inputting your Twitter handle and contract address, respectively. The Telegram integration provides a unique code. Once you complete the integration flow, Carma will immediately start syncing data. This will take a few minutes to fully sync, but each integration status will update to “Connected!” status once finished.

Note 1: You will need the proper permissions to download the Discord bot into your server. Please check that you have proper permissions.

Note 2: If you still do not see your server in your list, please try logging out and logging back in.

Note 3: If you have security bots such as the Wick security bot installed in your server, you may need to change its settings to allow downloading unverified bots before you can download the Carma bot.

If you have any issues with downloading the bot, please contact for assistance.

We are constantly adding new integrations but if you need a specific integration, please reach out to the Carma team at and we can get it set up for you.

If you are interested in integrating multiple of the same platforms, for example multiple Discord servers or multiple Twitter accounts, please reach out to

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