Running a Twitter giveaway

Automate your Twitter giveaway’s using Carma’s Twitter giveaway tool. Whether you need to check who has liked, retweeted, quote tweeted, or even replied and tagged an account, use this tool to find everyone who qualifies and automate a raffle.

Navigate to the Twitter Giveaway tool using the “Giveaways” tab on the side menu. Click the “Create Giveaway” button to start a giveaway. It is ideal to create the giveaway in the Carma system before the giveaway is set to end - the Carma system automatically runs the giveaway in your account at the expiration date so whenever you come back, you will see the results. You can always set the giveaway end date in the past and the winners will be queried in real time.

Start by filling in the Settings of the giveaway such as the name, start date, end date, and number of winners. The number of winners can always be changed after the end date.

Fill in the Entry Criteria that are your giveaway criteria. If you have specific criteria you want to encourage but not restrict as entry into the giveaway, you can add it as criteria but make it not required for entry and count for extra points. This helps to encourage actions such as Quote tweeting by rewarding more points to those entries.

Add User Filters to prevent fake accounts from being entered into the raffle. By restricting to age, number of tweets, number of followers or number of following, anyone who does not meet these user filters will be excluded from the giveaway drawing.

If your end date is in the past, clicking Submit will query the entries and provide you with the results on the next page. If your end date of the giveaway is in the future, clicking Submit will simply save the giveaway. Once the end date is reached, the system automatically runs the query and pulls your results.

On the Drawing page, you will see the winners of the giveaway raffle as well as all entries into the giveaway that met the required criteria. The system will select the number of winners you indicated in the Settings. If you want, you can always Reject or Redraw winners.

Use the “Tweet Out Winners” button to automatically tweet out the winners of the giveaway and tag them in the tweet so they will get notified.

Once a Giveaway completes, the Carma system automatically generates a custom form for you (see Creating a Custom Form) that is gated to only allow the giveaway winners to enter. They can use this custom form to fill out the required information (email, wallet, etc) instead of having to individually DM each winner. Click the “Claim Reward Form” to view this gated form.

The Carma system also creates a user-facing page that shows everyone that met the giveaway criteria to display fairness in the system. Click the “Public Entry List” to view and share this public-facing page.

This giveaway is saved in your account so you can come back to it anytime, as well as delete any of your prior giveaways. You can not change the giveaway criteria after it has started, however, you can always create new giveaways in your account.

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