What is Carma?

Carma helps you attract, engage, reward, and retain community members


A Web3 project’s community is at the heart of what they do. The problem is that no tools exist to help Web3 projects manage their community. Carma is here to change that. Carma is the first all-in-one Web3 community management platform providing an entire suite of tools for Web3 projects.

At Carma, we are on a mission to provide the infrastructure that enables decentralized Web3 communities to scale.


Carma provides projects with the tools to attract, engage, reward, and retain community members. This includes everything from the first step of onboarding new community members and verifying their identity across social platforms, to understanding what they are interested in and rewarding them for their engagement and contributions. Carma provides tools for you to automate this entire member journey so you can get back to the important things - building community!

Carma’s dashboards & analytics help you determine what is working for your community. Whether you want to see if your AMA is driving engagement or if your new member loyalty program is growing your follower base, Carma’s powerful analytics provide you with a holistic view of your community.

We understand your community lives on many different channels, which is why we continue to add new integrations to help you see your aggregated community across every channel.

No matter what type of project you are…NFT, DeFi, L1/L2, Gaming, Infrastructure, or any other type of decentralized community…Carma has a solution for you.

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