Viewing your members

You can find the full database of your community members under the “Members” tab. This is a table that combines all community members across social & on-chain community channels.

This table is initially sorted based on most recent joiners, but you can always click on the table headers to sort by any of the columns. For example, sort by number of Discord messages or reactions sent, Twitter likes and retweets, or number of your project’s NFTs they hold. Use the Search box and Filter button to look up specific members or segments of members.

If your community members have verified their identities (see Creating your first onboarding form), you will see their information and engagement metrics across all platforms as well as their social handles in a single profile row. To dive deeper into any specific member, just click on that row to pull up their full profile. As new members verify their identities with the Carma onboarding form, that information will sync in this table so you can always refer to it or look up specific members.

You can highlight specific members and export as csv. If you need a full export of all members, please reach out to

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