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What can you do with Carma?

Carma offers a suite of services for you to create a seamless community journey from start to finish. Wherever your community lives, Carma helps you onboard, segment, engage, activate, grow, reward, and manage your entire community. We give you the visibility you need into your community to determine what’s working or not working, and then the tools to continue those efforts. Below are some examples of the services we offer, but please reach out to for a full demo.

Onboard. Segment. Engage. Activate. Grow. Reward. Community Management.

Onboard & Engage your community

Identity Verification

  • Verify your community member’s identities across social platforms and on-chain wallets to create a single holistic profile for each member

  • Each member profile includes activity information including social engagement metrics as well as on-chain holdings

  • Easily include external sources such as game/in-app identity to complete the full member profile

Gated Forms

  • Verify community member’s hold your NFT/token, have a certain role in Discord, or follow you on Twitter to get access to a custom form/survey

  • Use this feature to automatically collect wallet addresses or email addresses of giveaway winners

Community Automations

  • Automatically assign Discord roles once community members verify their identity

  • Gate Discord roles based on whether community members can verify they hold your NFT/token/POAP, follow you on Twitter, etc.

Activate, Grow & Reward your community


  • Automatically find all community members that qualify for your giveaway and run a raffle to determine the winners

  • Use Carma’s gated forms to collect the required information from each winner

Community Loyalty Programs

  • Earn community loyalty points by engaging in Discord, Twitter, Telegram, On-Chain, or any other platform where your community lives. Earn points by referring a friend, posting in forums, through in-app or in-game activity, etc.

  • Use those loyalty points to buy Discord roles, in-app rewards, unlock content, and more

  • Create weekly quests to encourage users to come back to engage with the community each week or encourage daily active usage of your app

  • The loyalty program can be customized to any of your community-specific needs. Reach out to to learn about all of Carma’s loyalty integrations

Manage your community

Member Database

  • View a database of all community members across all social platforms and on-chain activity

  • Drill down into a specific member profile to see their activity & engagement throughout their history in your community

  • Segment your community members based on activity, holdings, interests, and more

  • Filter, sort, and search your member database to find segments of your community such as the most engaged on Discord or Twitter

  • Export community data or feed it into one of your other community management or marketing tools

Community Analytics

  • Integrate with everywhere your community lives to see a holistic view of your entire community in one place. With integrations such as Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Ethereum, Polygon, and more, you can finally see where your community is engaging and what marketing tactics (e.g., AMAs) are driving growth

  • View dashboards that show you daily, weekly and monthly growth and engagement activity across all of your community channels. Overlay plots to see how engagement metrics compare.

  • Download raw data from your dashboards to run your own community analytics

Community Data Lookup

  • Quickly and easily query any data within your community. Search tweets to understand who has liked and retweeted that specific tweet. Search for Discord roles to see everyone that holds that role. Search a Discord message to see everyone who reacted to that message and at what time.

  • Generate custom data reports that glean insight into your specific community behaviors

Discord Management Features

  • Automatically translate Discord messages in real-time to enable seamless communication across international segments of your community. Translate entire channels to better understand topics of interest in your international community.

  • Run giveaways and raffles inside your Discord server

  • Automatically assign roles based on a set of rules, or use a command to assign roles in real time that change permissions

  • Verify wallet holding, Twitter follower, or other aspects of your community to unlock content in Discord

  • A wide array of other Discord management features including react to receive a role, invite tracking, custom commands, send messages to new joiners, MEE6-style levels, and more

White-Label Solution

Need a custom solution? Try Carma's white-label product

Carma is dedicated to empowering all Web3 projects, no matter the size or unique needs of your project.

In addition to these features available on our website, Carma offers white-label solutions, custom campaign development, and API endpoints. Please reach out to to learn more.

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