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Types of growth

While every project has a different growth strategy, Carma can support no matter which type of growth channel you are looking to use:
  • Influencer marketing
  • Twitter ads
  • Twitter spaces / AMAs
  • Collaborations with other projects
  • Discord guilds
  • Direct outreach
  • Airdrops
  • Follow campaigns
  • Referral campaigns

Case Study: NFT project collaboration and influencer analysis

Most projects focusing on Twitter growth turn to influencers and collaborations as a way to drive new page views and followers. Often this is done manually by constantly engaging on Twitter and watching what other projects do. Carma finally offers a data-driven way to identify ideal collaboration partners and influencers who would be great candidates for growth.
After this NFT project integrated their Twitter account with Carma, the platform was able to search through their entire following and run a network analysis to identify who are ideal collaboration targets. The analysis takes the entire project's Twitter following and finds the overlapping interests based on other projects those Twitter accounts follow. The more overlap with the project's audience, the more likely a collaboration with this project will target individuals highly likely to be interested in their account.
This project can now use this information to collaborate with projects most likely to drive new users to their project.
The Carma platform was also able to search through all of their existing Twitter following to find influencers or micro-influencers already in their community. This type of influencer marketing strategy is more effective since it takes authentic community members already interested in what you are building. In a classic Web3 sense, your community can help build your brand in a decentralized way. The Carma platform ranked all of their Twitter followers based on their verified status and follower count.
With this information, this NFT project can target micro-influencers in their community to promote their brand and drive new members to the project.
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Types of growth
Case Study: NFT project collaboration and influencer analysis